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Download WhatsApp for Free and Connect with Anyone, Anywhere

Am facing the same issue now. Have you got any solution? The chats in my old handset are still there till date, which I can view as long as I keep that handset offline. If the internet is switched on, then I can view the messages there if I activate the whatsapp once again on that handset. To view the latest messages, I have to come back to my new handset & activate it. How do I merge these chats for two different periods?

I am migrating from an iPhone 4. I have been backing up to iCloud. I want to access the icloud backup file, download, rename as you described, then make it available to my new Pixel 2. What options do I have that avoid questionable third party apps? Or, which is a trusted application with no bloatware / spam in the installer? My goal is to get that backup file into my possession. I can see when I use the iCloud Drive application for windows that the WhatsApp backup is there. When I open File Explorer and click on the iDrive folder, the WhatsApp backup file is NOT in there.

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Remember that saving the file on your new phone and restoring the chat will delete any new Whatsapp chat you started on the new phone. You can continue chatting and start new chats in the restored file. Or say goodbye to Whatsapp ?

Hi there can anyone advise on if its possible to transfer whatsapp bavkup chats from android(google drive) to iphone(icloud). Want to do it for father as he has many messages related to work which he wants. Thanks

Hello, I would like to recover old deleted chats in whatsapp. I have my android phone set to back up automatically every week. I have read that the last back up overrides the last one. Is that mean that I can only recuperate the chats from the last week or I can also get the ones I have been erasing for almost a year? Can you please help?

I forgot to make a Whatsapp Backup on Google Drive before I switched phones. I already activated Whatsapp on the new phone. Can I still put my sim card in the old phone, make a backup in Google Drive and then reinstall Whatsapp on the new phone? Will I then be prompted to restore the backup?

Good day. I was chatting on Whatsapp with my phone and laptop at the same time (due to file I want to upload). On my phone it just went Initializing,when it finished I just saw that my 5years messages and documents have bee cleared. My backup is weekly. I went to my settings to Uninstall and Install again from place store and it brought RESTORE and I clicked it but it only restore the particular day message.

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I was robbed my phone sometimes last evening today upon replacing the smartphone and sim card , whatsapp had a backup 405mb i was driving to work and restoeing the same along the highway,after an hour the network was an issue and whatsapp restored very few (only group chats) how comes when i try retrieving in backup it prompts me back up instead of restore. Where is my 405mb? Kindly guide me whether there is a link i can manually download my backu

only 30% of my whatsapp data was backup. i installed new whatsapp in new phone and enter my number their. only 30% is showing chats. how can i restore all my data from old phone. that i can restore it to new phone. Please guide

So i dont have access to my old sim. I moved my database and backup folder in internal storage to a new folder.So now if i activate my whatsapp with a new number and i move the old database and backup folder and replace it with the new ones in internal storage whatsappWill i get my old chats back?

File converting apps can also be used to send large videos via WhatsApp. Convert your videos to smaller file sizes before sharing them. To be able to convert multimedia into smaller formats and send it via WhatsApp, you'll need a video conversion app. You may need to download multiple apps and try them one by one until you find one that works best on your device.

Converting or compressing longer videos to send them on WhatsApp is legal. As long as you are not distributing material that has been marked as abusive or illegal, you can compress as many videos as you want and send them if they are smaller than 2 GB. File conversion might take long because of several reasons, such as the app selected or the type of device being used for the conversion, as well as the file size. The bigger the video, the longer it takes to complete the conversion. You can also try and find the best app by downloading and testing them out until you finally get one that is responsive and that you can easily use for video conversions.

With the Business Solution, you will get 14 days of additional file storage, 5 extra downloads - in case multiple people need to download the file, as well as an extra combo which extends storage up to 90 days!

i download video from WhatsApp having size upto 110 mb, and 90 mb, etc i dont khow how people upload such type video on WhatsApp. i dont talk about resizing the video which is time consuming and lengthy process to upload. therefore, on urgent basis how can upload video having more than 16mb size

GBWhatsApp Apk : The contribution of innovation is expanding step by step in our reality. This can be seen by watching the outer condition where every one of the general population in the general public are utilizing WhatsApp more than the groups of friends itself. This gives a thought the degree to which these things are developing. To deal with this, there are numerous applications which are accessible in the market, however the best applications are as yet escaped the general population. One such application is known as GB Whatsapp.

Your most recent variant of GBWhatsapp APK document will be available at GBWhatsapp envelope of your record director. Before going to introduce, you have to tap on 'Obscure Sources' and which is situated in your framework (Settings - > Security - > obscure sources). Presently adhere to my well-ordered guidelines to introduce GBWhatsapp apk.

Blue stacks emulator is a product which gives you the interface of the telephone and enables you to utilize it as a telephone itself. So you can simply download it and afterward continue to its establishment.

So, in the WhatsUp inbuild Manage Storage, when I check the chat size with my girlfriend it show me 30 MB, but when try to export the single chat (the one with my girlfriend with TONS OF STICKERS :)) the .zip file created by whatsapp was 2 GB.

WhatsApp is a very widely used messaging app (similar to Telegram) on your mobile, and you can also use the App on your Computer by downloading it from the MS store. In this post, I will show you how to use WhatsApp on Windows 11 PC and download it from the MS store.

There are two different ways to download and install the WhatsApp app on Windows 11. The first method is to get WhatsApp on a Windows 11 PC from Microsoft Store, and the second method is Install WhatsApp on Windows 11 from its Official Site

WhatsApp is a messaging App, easy and convenient to use. All the features of the App are completely free and are also free to download. The following are the features of WhatsApp on Windows PC.

You can easily use the WhatsApp App on your Windows PC 11. You can download and install WhatsApp on your Windows PC or try using WhatsApp web on Windows 11 PC. It is easy to get it from Microsoft Store; the following are the steps to install the WhatsApp App on your PC.

You can see in the below screenshot that the WhatsApp App is started downloading, 90.31 MB of 159.2 MB is completed downloading, and the 3 rd screenshot shows that the WhatsApp App is installed.

There are other options to download the WhatsApp application from the WhatsApp website. You can use the WhatsApp Beta for Windows applications from their website or from Microsoft Store.

The New Group window shows the options such as Add group icon, Group subject, and Disappearing messages. You can easily Add the group profile picture by right click on the Add group icon.

While clicking the Disappearing messages arrow, the below screenshots will appear and show that you get started with the disappearing messages option and the duration of the disappearing messages. It would help if you turned on the Disappearing feature for more privacy and storage.

There are more than thousands of formats for videos and audio to convert and compress. You can also add watermarks, trim or crop the videos, and enjoy more editing features with WonderShare uni-converter. Users can also download videos from thousands of websites like YouTube, etc., by using this application. All you need to do is copy and paste the URL on the app, and your job will be done.

How to send long videos on WhatsApp using this? This method uses a video compressor app that decreases the size of the video file by compressing it. So, first, you have to download the app for your smartphone and then compress the video file. Video Compressor Panda supports all types of video file formats and is a free-to-use application.

After successfully downloading and installing the app, all you have to do is open the app and select the video file you want to compress. Then, you can select the video from the library of the videos on your device shown.

It is not possible to download music with Lark Player - MP3 Music Player. You will have to add songs or audiovisual content offline and then start playing from the Android device with the player installed.

The first step you should always perform when you are troubleshooting an app or device is to restart it. Likewise, with the WhatsApp images and videos not downloading issue, restart your Android phone or iPhone. Sometimes just restarting the phone will fix the media not downloading issue on WhatsApp.


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