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[FSX P3D] NA PAJN Juneau International Airport V1.15 Hack Tool Free Download

UPDATEThe City of Juneau has provided a simulation package for this airport that should work on Windows 10. It is a free download that allows you to fly around downtown Juneau with the Juneau International Airport in front of the Pan Island Club in the distance.Note: The City has also released a simulation package with the airport structure added. But I haven't downloaded that yet.

[FSX P3D] NA PAJN Juneau International Airport v1.15 hack tool free download

Allright, Im back to hacker-land.I created a GSX profile for the PAJN Juneau airport. The sim is currently only working for me at NIK. It hasn't been debugged for any other airport yet.

In this post, for a bit of virtual fun......and purely as a casual simmer, my layman objective and exercise (one that I've meant to do for a while) is to attempt to (manually) land an early-version737 on (PAJN) Rwy 26 (here, I've used the CS 737-200 model, in the nostalgic old color of Continental; Alaska Airlines had actually also used (early model) 737s, in its very first exploration and certification of such procedures). There are a few (thoughlimited) discussions of this atypical PAJN Rwy 26 approach, available, on-line, if one's interested, but, my own simple flightplan is guided by a tip that MARMN intersection could be used as a good starting point for the Rwy 26 Approach. So, lifting off from (nearby) PAWG (Wrangell) airport (!50 nms to the south), I've headed straight north to MARMN intersection. Additionally, my GTN750 offered a Visual Approach option to PAJN Rwy 26, by providing one additional Fix V3NM, located 3 NMs out along the extension of Rwy 26. Beyond 3 NMs, of course, the mountains dominate...!!


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